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Organic Herbal Tea Alpine Fire 14x1g

Product no.: SAH8016

CHF 5.50 *

New Org. Herbal Tea Spiced Enchantment 14x2g

Product no.: SAH8024

CHF 5.50 *

Organic Herbal Tea Alpine Feeling 14x1g

Product no.: SAH8002_DUO1

CHF 11.90 / set(s) *

Organic Herbal Tea Alpine Mint 14x1g

Product no.: SAH8003_DUO1

CHF 11.90 / set(s) *

Swiss Risotto from Ticino spicy 300g

Product no.: AT0301

CHF 7.80 *

Swiss Risotto with Vegetables 300g

Product no.: AT0311

CHF 7.80 *

Swiss Risotto with Truffle 300g

Product no.: AT0304

CHF 18.50 *

Swiss Polenta from Ticino 300g

Product no.: AT0312

CHF 7.80 *

Organic Spice Blend Alpine Chili Mix 64g

Product no.: SAH2008

CHF 7.90 *

Organic Spice Blend Vegetable & Salad 42g

Product no.: SAH2007

CHF 7.50 *

Organic Spice Blend Potatoes 32g

Product no.: SAH0012

CHF 7.50 *

Organic Spice Blend Raclette&Fondue 28g

Product no.: SAH0008

CHF 7.50 *
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