Alta Terra stands for Swiss specialties, exquisite enjoyment and high-quality edible gifts for everyone

We are passionate about creating enjoyable food, preserving traditions and conjuring up edible gifts for any occasion.

The philosophy of Alta Terra is characterized by the commitment to an intact nature and appreciation of the value of its products. A responsible use of resources, the preservation of traditions and rare varieties determine our thoughts and actions. We are passionate about preserving a diversity of Swiss specialties and recipes. The Alta Terra specialties are authentic and genuine. The range guarantees the highest taste and enjoyment experiences that are unparalleled. We allow the herbs, plants and fruits enough time to grow and ripen and thus fully develop their incomparable flavors. This has an effect on the taste.

The Alta Terra Organic Alpine Salts are creatively composed and harmoniously matched. The herbs and flowers are enriched with Swiss Alpine salt from the Saline de Bex. The decorative creations are presented in a lovely jar and are therefore an eye-catcher and a feast for the eyes.

The Alta Terra mustard range has it all, from fiery hot to fruity sweet, everything is there. We are convinced by the creamy consistency of the mustards, which is due to the handwork in the small family business. From high quality, carefully selected ingredients such as mustard seeds, high quality oils, garlic, salt and pepper and much more, with a lot of patience and experience excellent and unique mustards are produced.

The risottos, polenta and pasta put one more on top. The rice grains are planted in Ticino and processed on the estate Terreni alla Maggia in the Magadino plain in its own rice mill, then refined with aromatic organic alpine herbs, flowers and spices. The variety of rice planted has been awarded by Pro Spezia Rara, thus safeguarding precious elements of our ancestral heritage.

Valuable oils are the be-all and end-all in every dish. Produced according to an old tradition in one of the last artisan oil mills that still produce today, the various Alta Terra oils such as the cold-pressed Swiss tree nut oil convince with the distinctive intense aroma. But also the Swiss rapeseed oil, which is rather neutral in taste, convinces in its versatile application.

Also the production of vinegar, requires a large portion of knowledge and passion. Vinegar can be made in a two-stage fermentation process from any fruit, vegetable, or grain, the main thing that the raw materials contain sugar. The sugar first ferments into alcohol and then the alcohol is converted into acetic acid with the help of vinegar bacteria. Then it needs some passion of the producer and already exists the delicious Alta Terra Raspberry Vinegar or Alta Terra Alpine Herb Vinegar.


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