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  1. Nectaflor Crispy Apple Dices unpeeled, M 300g
    CHF 20.10
    Art. No.: P0502
    Full-bodied fruit flavour, light and cri... Learn More
  2. Nectaflor Crispy Cherry Tomato Halves 200g
    CHF 17.10
    Art. No.: P0511
    Dried tomatoes with a crispy bite. These... Learn More
  3. Nectaflor Crispy Golden Berry Halves 300g
    CHF 23.00
    Art. No.: P0503
    Sweet and tart, super crunchy and 100 % ... Learn More
  4. Nectaflor Crispy Onion Rings 250g
    CHF 17.10
    Art. No.: P0507
    A crispy, light revolution with an inten... Learn More
  5. Nectaflor Crispy Organic Banana Slices 250g
    CHF 23.70
    Art. No.: P0506
    100 % natural, very aromatic, light and ... Learn More
  6. Nectaflor Crispy Organic Goji Berries 400g
    CHF 30.80
    Art. No.: P0505
    Enjoy the super berries as a light, cris... Learn More
  7. Nectaflor Crispy Pineapple Pieces 1/16 300g
    CHF 17.10
    Art. No.: P0500
    Surprisingly light and crispy, intensely... Learn More
  8. Nectaflor Crispy Strawberry Halves 250g
    CHF 23.00
    Art. No.: P0504
    The new 100 % natural taste experience: ... Learn More
  9. Nectaflor Crispy Zucchini Slices 250g
    CHF 17.10
    Art. No.: P0509
    Light and crispy, intensely aromatic and... Learn More
  10. Nectaflor Nectaflor Crispy Vegetable Mix 250g
    CHF 20.80
    Art. No.: P0516
    Crispy vegetable mix, 100% natural. Nect... Learn More

10 Items

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Crispy Selection

Are the dried fruits and vegetables so revolutionary?

  • Yes, because they are very crunchy and tasty
  • Yes, because they are 100% natural and very aromatic
  • and are rehydratable with water (return water content)
  • and contain natural vitamins, minerals and fibre, without additives

The fruits and vegetables of the nectaflor Crispy Selection are ideal for cooking, snacking, garnishing or in muesli. Thanks to the new production process, they are very crispy when dry, but can also be softened by adding them.

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