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  1. Nectaflor Apple Pieces 1/6 500g
    CHF 12.80
    Art. No.: 615060N4
    Steamed apples are healthy and versatile... Learn More
  2. Nectaflor Apple Pieces 100g
    Special Price CHF 2.95 Regular Price CHF 3.70
    Art. No.: 615012CC
    Healthy power snack for in-between meals... Learn More
  3. Nectaflor Apricot Dices 1kg
    CHF 15.70
    Art. No.: 606378N4
    A healthy and versatile cooking and baki... Learn More
  4. Nectaflor Apricots sour 1kg
    CHF 24.70
    Art. No.: 605078N4
    These apricot halves from South Africa t... Learn More
  5. Nectaflor Apricots sweet 1kg
    CHF 18.90
    Art. No.: 606078N4
    The fruity apricot flavour adds the fina... Learn More
  6. Nectaflor Apricots sweet 200g
    CHF 4.90
    Art. No.: 606024CC
    Sweet Apricots - healthy power snack and... Learn More
  7. Nectaflor Dates natural 1kg
    CHF 13.30
    Art. No.: 657078N4
    Stoned Dates are a sweet, full-bodied so... Learn More
  8. Nectaflor Exotic Fruit Mix 175g
    CHF 3.00
    Art. No.: 542019N
    Truly exotic – the South Pacific mix of ... Learn More
  9. Nectaflor Exotic Fruit Mix 1kg
    CHF 15.10
    Art. No.: 540078N4
    A truly Caribbean feeling – the South Pa... Learn More
  10. Nectaflor Fairtrade Mango 100g
    CHF 4.00
    Art. No.: 792012CC
    Exotic, fruity and Fairtrade – these Man... Learn More
  11. Nectaflor Fairtrade Mango dried 500g
    CHF 17.40
    Art. No.: 792060N4
    Exotic, fruity and full-bodied, ideal fo... Learn More
  12. Nectaflor Figs dices 1kg
    CHF 10.60
    Art. No.: 656278N4
    A healthy and versatile cooking and baki... Learn More
    Out of stock
  13. Nectaflor Figs natural 1kg
    CHF 15.50
    Art. No.: 656078N4
    The sun-ripened nectaflor Figs have a fu... Learn More
  14. Nectaflor Fruit Mix 1kg
    CHF 18.30
    Art. No.: 620078N4
    With its full-bodied flavour, this Fruit... Learn More
  15. Nectaflor Fruit Mix 200g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 620024CC
    This Fruit Mix offers a tasty assortment... Learn More
  16. Nectaflor Mango dried 500g
    CHF 17.10
    Art. No.: 792560N4
    Exotic, fruity and full-bodied, ideal fo... Learn More
    Out of stock
  17. Nectaflor Organic Bio Cranberries 200g
    CHF 4.80
    Art. No.: 651024CC
    Red Cranberries are a real superfood wit... Learn More
  18. Nectaflor Organic Cranberries 1kg
    CHF 21.30
    Art. No.: 651078BIO
    These lovely red Cranberries deliver a s... Learn More
  19. Nectaflor Organic Dates 200g
    CHF 3.40
    Art. No.: 657024BIO
    A healthy power snack for in-between mea... Learn More
  20. Nectaflor Organic Figs 200g
    CHF 4.50
    Art. No.: 656024BIO
    The full-bodied fruity flavour and juicy... Learn More
  21. Nectaflor Pear Halves Choice Large 1kg
    CHF 18.90
    Art. No.: 791078N4
    Finest aromatic Pear Halves "Choice larg... Learn More
  22. Nectaflor Prunes 1kg
    CHF 15.10
    Art. No.: 631078N4
    Aromatic, fruity and versatile - nectafl... Learn More
  23. Nectaflor Prunes 200g
    CHF 4.40
    Art. No.: 631024CC
    Enjoy the finest quality. Stoned Prunes ... Learn More
  24. Nectaflor Raisins golden 1kg
    CHF 8.40
    Art. No.: 645078N4
    Golden-yellow in colour, sweet and fruit... Learn More
  25. Nectaflor Raisins golden 250g
    CHF 2.90
    Art. No.: 645030CC
    Golden Raisins are appealing thanks to t... Learn More
  26. Nectaflor Raisins natural 1kg
    CHF 9.10
    Art. No.: 640078N4
    Naturally sweet and full of energy: Natu... Learn More
  27. Nectaflor Raisins natural 200g
    CHF 2.70
    Art. No.: 640024CC
    Natural Raisins are naturally sweet and ... Learn More
  28. Nectaflor Sultanas 1kg
    CHF 7.10
    Art. No.: 635078N4
    Premium quality Sultanas. The naturally ... Learn More
  29. Nectaflor Sultanas 250g
    CHF 2.40
    Art. No.: 635030CC
    Sultanas help you stay fit naturally – t... Learn More
  30. Nectaflor Swiss Apple Rings 90g
    CHF 5.50
    Art. No.: 590012CC
    High-energy, high-fibre snack made from ... Learn More

30 Items

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Delicious dried fruit – enjoy healthy food


Dried fruit is a natural product for health-conscious gourmets. This is because hardly any other snack offers so many vitamins and nutrients and tastes so sweet at the same time, whether it be exotic mango or Bernese pear slices. They are ideal for light snacks, but also for cooking and baking.

nectaflor dried fruit and nuts are the best that nature has to offer. They combine naturalness with health and indulgence in a unique way. Thanks to close and long-standing cooperation with selected producers around the globe, we can enjoy first-class, hand-picked and natural raw materials. The dried fruit selected in this way is processed gently in Switzerland.


Exotic dried fruit for connoisseurs

nectaflor dried fruit are delicious, contain numerous vitamins, minerals and many dietary fibres that leave you feeling satisfied for a long time. Have you ever tried goji berries? As super-food fruit, the small red berries are perfectly suited to everyday cuisine. You can enrich crunchy salads with goji berries. To do so, soak the berries in hot water or apple juice shortly beforehand. A delicious snack with few calories!


Delicious sultanas made of Californian grapes

The sultana grapes, also called Thompson Seedless, thrive in the warm climate of Californian wine-growing regions. There, the firm fruit are dried in the sun right after the harvest before being offered as an organic product in our online shop. The high-quality sultanas are not only used as a juicy and sweet snack, but also as an ingredient in pastries such as Dreikönigskuchen (Three Kings’ Cake) or Christmas loaf.


Premium dried fruit – also available in a handy size

Only the best raw materials, careful selection and gentle processing make our dried fruit a popular ingredient for cooking or baking, but they are also a popular snack. Savour nectaflor dried fruit as

  • a source of energy
  • with many vitamins and dietary fibres
  • without added sugar
  • as a brain food, in the mix of nuts and delicious sultanas in the form of Raisins’n’Nuts.

The small mixtures are of course also available with goji berries and nuts.

Untreated nuts are the perfect addition to any salad

Lamb’s lettuce salad isn’t the only one which walnuts give that certain something to: other salads also go perfectly with different chopped nuts. In this way, you can supplement your vitamin-rich side dish with many vital substances and dietary fibres, which as an additional bonus also taste delicious. So you can safely leave out calorie-rich croutons. Our nut mixes are free of additives and at the same time hearty sources of energy.

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