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  1. Alta Terra Gift bag Gourmand
    CHF 36.20
    Art. No.: 99176
    Ideal als Geschenk für Liebhaber des gut... Learn More
    Out of stock
  2. Alta Terra Gift bag Harmonie
    CHF 56.50
    Art. No.: 99111
    Für Feinschmecker. Das Geschenk Harmonie... Learn More
    Out of stock
  3. Alta Terra Gift bag Salad treats
    CHF 35.80
    Art. No.: 99175
    Diese Geschenkidee passt immer. Verschen... Learn More
  4. Alta Terra Gift bag Vinum
    CHF 44.90
    Art. No.: 99129
    Das Geschenkset Vinum ist perfekt für ei... Learn More
    Out of stock
  5. Alta Terra Gift Chestnut Honey Ticino 250g
    CHF 13.90
    Art. No.: 99170
    Tessiner Kastanienhonig ist ein Liebhabe... Learn More
    Out of stock
  6. Alta Terra Gift set ""Salad servers""
    CHF 95.00
    Art. No.: 99166
    Lassen Sie Salatliebhaber-Herzen höher s... Learn More
  7. Alta Terra Gift set 5 spice mills
    CHF 48.90
    Art. No.: 99130
    Die perfekte Geschenkidee für Gewürzlieb... Learn More
  8. Alta Terra Gift set Delicacy
    CHF 89.90
    Art. No.: G0003
    Verschenken Sie kulinarische Leckerbisse... Learn More
    Out of stock
  9. Alta Terra Gift set delicacy
    CHF 55.90
    Art. No.: 99131
    Kenne Sie jemanden, der Wert auf selbstg... Learn More
  10. Alta Terra Gift set Gourmet
    CHF 59.50
    Art. No.: 99139
    Das Geschenk Gourmet begeistert mit hoch... Learn More
    Out of stock
  11. Alta Terra Gift set Gourmet Mill
    CHF 47.90
    Art. No.: G0012
    Für Genussmenschen und Gourmets. Das Ges... Learn More
  12. Alta Terra Gift set mustard specialties
    CHF 39.90
    Art. No.: 99135
    Verschenken Sie Schweizer Delikatesssenf... Learn More
    Out of stock
  13. Alta Terra Gift set mustard variation
    CHF 23.70
    Art. No.: G0019
    Perfect for mustard lovers – exquisite o... Learn More
    Out of stock
  14. Alta Terra Gift set pasta
    CHF 49.90
    Art. No.: 99137
    Das ideale Geschenk für Pastaliebhaber. ... Learn More
  15. Alta Terra Gift set Risotto
    CHF 19.30
    Art. No.: G0016
    Treat your guests to an Alta Terra Ticin... Learn More
    Out of stock
  16. Alta Terra Gift set salt creations
    CHF 38.50
    Art. No.: 99134
    In diesem Geschenk finden Sie exklusive ... Learn More
  17. Alta Terra Gift set spice oil
    CHF 27.50
    Art. No.: 99133
    Ein tolles Geschenk für Liebhaber der pi... Learn More
  18. Alta Terra Gift set tagliatelle
    CHF 24.70
    Art. No.: G0015
    The selected products will help you conj... Learn More
  19. Alta Terra Gift set vinaigrette
    CHF 33.70
    Art. No.: G0014
    Prepare vinaigrette in a flash with our ... Learn More
  20. Alta Terra Gift set Witch & Fay
    CHF 27.50
    Art. No.: G0001
    Das Geschenk Hexe & Fee vereint zwei Bio... Learn More
  21. Alta Terra Gift Swiss Fir Honey 250g
    CHF 15.50
    Art. No.: 99171
    Schweizer Tannenhonig ist eine Spezialit... Learn More
    Out of stock
  22. Alta Terra Gift Swiss Set Honey Jura 250g
    CHF 15.90
    Art. No.: 99172
    Klein aber fein ist die Geschenkbox Schw... Learn More
    Out of stock
  23. Christas Gift bag gourmet kitchen
    CHF 26.70
    Art. No.: CH900
    Bringen Sie Hobbyköche ins Schwärmen. Di... Learn More
  24. Nectaflor Gift set Apero
    CHF 35.90
    Art. No.: 99164
    In diesem Geschenk ist alles drin, was e... Learn More
  25. Nectaflor Gift set Gourmet Salad
    CHF 22.80
    Art. No.: G0005
    Das Geschenk Gourmet Salat alles zum Wür... Learn More
  26. Nectaflor Samples Box Nectaflor & Swiss Alpine Herbs
    CHF 9.90
    Art. No.: 99177
    Out of stock
  27. Nectaflor Swiss Honey
    CHF 41.90
    Art. No.: 99162
    Liebhaber von Schweizer Honig werden beg... Learn More
  28. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift bag king of spices
    CHF 32.10
    Art. No.: 99174
    Auswahl feinster Bio Alpenkräuter-Gewürz... Learn More
  29. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift bag Teatime
    CHF 20.50
    Art. No.: 99173
    Ein Geschenk für Kräutertee Liebhaber: S... Learn More
  30. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift set Alpine herbs
    CHF 17.90
    Art. No.: G0006
    Bringen Sie Hobbyköche ins Schwärmen. Da... Learn More
  31. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift set kitchen magic
    CHF 19.50
    Art. No.: G0007
    Verschenken Sie mit unseren Bio Kräuters... Learn More
  32. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift set Mountain magic
    CHF 22.90
    Art. No.: G0008
    Verschenken Sie mit dem Geschenk Bergzau... Learn More
  33. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift set salad love
    CHF 17.70
    Art. No.: G0017
    This exquisite gift set is certainly a f... Learn More
  34. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift set salad party
    CHF 51.90
    Art. No.: 99165
    Mit dem Geschenk Salat-Fest zaubern Sie ... Learn More
  35. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift set Tea & Honey
    CHF 21.90
    Art. No.: G0010
    Ein ideales Geschenk für alle, die den M... Learn More
  36. Swiss Alpine Herbs Gift set tea winter
    CHF 27.50
    Art. No.: G0011
    Ein Tee Geschenk für lange Winterabende ... Learn More
  37. Tea Gift Box
    CHF 39.90
    Art. No.: G0013

37 Items

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A culinary gift set brings joy to the recipient

Natural oils, spices and herbal mixtures produced according to Swiss recipes, sweet honey specialities and much more besides are now available in attractive gift boxes in our online shop. Give someone a present of premium quality and pure indulgence from nectaflor, Swiss Alpine Herbs or Alta Terra! For unique culinary delights and high gourmet demands, for fans of special Alpine herb teas and for getting to know Swiss cuisine in general. Here you will find the right gift with which to give others a culinary delight.

See for yourself the excellent quality of Narimpex’s 100% natural products. Thanks to the genuine taste of our Swiss herbs, salts and excellent oils, you immediately notice their absolute purity, which we guarantee through careful processing and quality control procedures. Would you like to make a piece of Swiss dining culture accessible to your friends and relatives? Surprise them with a fine gift set!


Culinary gifts according to authentic Swiss recipes

Natural ingredients of high quality give fans of good cuisine incomparable enjoyment. We have put together some of our most delicious delicatessen specialties as a way of sampling our products. Surprise your loved ones with a gift set, for example with:

  • tasty Ticino risotto with Alpine herbs, wonderful organic Lake Biel/Bienne wine and delicious Alpine dip
  • organic seasoned salt including a mill with a high-quality ceramic grinder
  • Swiss walnut oil and raspberry vinegar with the finest Alta Terra gourmet mustard.

These and many other culinary gifts will make every gourmet’s pulse race. More exquisite gift ideas can be found here in our online shop.


Indulgent tea gifts

It goes without saying that tea gifts for aficionados are an absolute must. The Swiss Alpine Herbs fine birch box contains six different Swiss organic Alpine herb teas in a pyramid bag. This enables the flavour of the extra-large tea leaves to fully develop, so that the taste and active ingredients of the tea are shown to their best advantage. At the same time, the different types of tea are appropriately presented in the box.

Culinary gifts from nectaflor, Alta Terra and Swiss Alpine Herbs: Switzerland’s culture of indulgence in a loving gift set

With our gift sets, you can show your family or good friends and acquaintances your special appreciation for them. This is because just as you treat your loved ones with care, we treat the natural products we offer with great care and respect. Therefore, with our sets you not only give unique indulgence as a gift, but also the very quality that also reflects this appreciation.


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