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  1. Nectaflor Acacia Honey liquid 250g
    CHF 5.90
    Art. No.: 295830X
    Finest Acacia Honey from Eastern Europe ... Learn More
  2. Nectaflor Acacia Honey liquid 500g
    CHF 10.60
    Art. No.: 290060X
    With its sweet, mild flavour this light ... Learn More
  3. Nectaflor Acacia Honey with comb 250g
    CHF 8.50
    Art. No.: 291030X
    An indulgence for honey lovers in its pu... Learn More
  4. Nectaflor Country Flower Honey creamy 1kg
    CHF 15.10
    Art. No.: 150078
    Fine selected honey with a floral, full-... Learn More
  5. Nectaflor Country Flower Honey creamy 2kg
    CHF 28.50
    Art. No.: 150080
    Floral and full-bodied flavour. Country ... Learn More
  6. Nectaflor Country Flower Honey creamy 500g
    CHF 7.90
    Art. No.: 150060X
    Soft set, tasty, floral and full-bodied.... Learn More
  7. Nectaflor Fair Org Blossom Honey set 6x20g
    CHF 4.40
    Art. No.: P1012
    Sweet and floral in flavour, organic and... Learn More
  8. Nectaflor Forest Honey liquid 500g
    CHF 9.50
    Art. No.: 245060X
    Delicious honey with an intense spicy ar... Learn More
  9. new
    Nectaflor Honey with apricot 250g
    CHF 5.00
    Art. No.: P1009
    Honey with a difference. Not only does n... Learn More
  10. new
    Nectaflor Honey with blueberry 250g
    CHF 5.00
    Art. No.: P1007
    Honey with fruit; the new taste experien... Learn More
  11. Nectaflor Honey with ginger and lemongrass 250g
    CHF 4.50
    Art. No.: P1008
    Warming ginger and refreshing lemongrass... Learn More
  12. new
    Nectaflor Honey with strawberry 250g
    CHF 5.00
    Art. No.: P1006
    Our remarkably different fruit honey. Te... Learn More
  13. Nectaflor Max Havelaar Bio Blossom Honey cr 500g
    CHF 8.90
    Art. No.: 471160X
    Sweet and floral in flavour, organic and... Learn More
  14. Nectaflor Max Havelaar Bio Blossom Honey liq 250g
    CHF 4.80
    Art. No.: 160030X
    Golden-brown, aromatic and floral, organ... Learn More
  15. Nectaflor Max Havelaar Organic Blossom Honey liq 500g
    CHF 9.10
    Art. No.: 160260X
    Golden-brown, aromatic and floral, organ... Learn More
  16. Nectaflor Mountain Blossom Honey creamy 500g
    CHF 9.20
    Art. No.: 120060X
    Golden yellow with a mild, fresh flavour... Learn More
  17. Nectaflor Norwegian Summer Blossom Honey set 450g
    CHF 11.70
    Art. No.: 113060
    Honey speciality from Norway. Combines s... Learn More
  18. Nectaflor Organic Blossom Honey creamy 250g
    CHF 4.80
    Art. No.: 164030X
    Aromatic and tasty, the Organic Set Blos... Learn More
  19. Nectaflor Organic Blossom Honey liquid 1kg
    Special Price CHF 14.40 Regular Price CHF 18.00
    Art. No.: 167078BG
    Enjoy honey from sustainable sources: Ne... Learn More
  20. new
    Nectaflor Organic Blossom Honey set 1kg
    Special Price CHF 14.50 Regular Price CHF 18.10
    Art. No.: 167278BG
    Floral, aromatic taste from certified or... Learn More
  21. Nectaflor Summer Flower Honey creamy 500g
    CHF 8.50
    Art. No.: 140060X
    Fine honey with a soft set texture and m... Learn More
  22. Nectaflor Wild Flower Honey 250g
    CHF 4.50
    Art. No.: 115830X
    Delicious Wild Flower Honey, golden-brow... Learn More
  23. Nectaflor Wild Flower Honey liquid 1kg
    CHF 15.10
    Art. No.: 115078
    Golden-brown in colour with a sweet-flor... Learn More
  24. Nectaflor Wild Flower Honey liquid 2kg
    CHF 28.50
    Art. No.: 115080
    Fine selected honey with a golden-brown ... Learn More
  25. Nectaflor Wild Flower Honey liquid 500g
    CHF 7.90
    Art. No.: 115060X
    Sweet and floral with a full-bodied flav... Learn More

25 Items

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Nectaflor blossom honey: a truly delicious natural product

The Ancient Egyptians already knew that honey is more than just a sweet. It was revered by them as a food fit for Gods. For instance, pharaohs were buried with slices of honeycomb. Even today, honey is and will remain one of the most valuable gifts bestowed on us by nature. And because we appreciate it, it is also important to us to have a close relationship with our beekeepers which provide us with this exquisite product.

Apart from the fact that it sweetens your day, blossom honey has a big advantage over many other spreads: it is extremely healthy. The enzymes in honey not only have an antimicrobial effect but they are also rich in antioxidants. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect attributed to it, honey therefore also has the property of being a free radical scavenger. This is because antioxidants are also assumed to counter damage to the body’s cells resulting from certain oxygen reactions (by free radicals). The fact that honey also tastes good is almost beside the point. However, even if this weren’t the case, would it be possible to resist the sweetness of this golden-coloured indulgence? nectaflor and Alta Terra blossom honey is a 100% pure natural product with many valuable ingredients.


Types of honey from the best apiaries

The nectar which thousands of bees collect from the individual flowers is transformed by the bees drop by drop into the most delicious blossom honey. Once enough honey has been produced for the bees, the honey sealed in the honeycombs is harvested and flung out. A lot of skill and experience is required during the blending process to produce blossom honey with a good consistency and well-balanced flavour.


Narimpex acacia honey is healthy and versatile

Alta Terra acacia honey and nectaflor comes from a traditional apiary. Thanks to our close contact with beekeepers and cooperatives around the world, we are in a position to offer a high-quality and fine selection.  Our acacia honey is a pure 100% natural product which has an impressively mild sweetness.

Acacia honey actually comes from robinia pseudoacacia (also known as black locust), which is why it is also often called black locust honey. It is particularly runny, ranges in colour from very bright to almost transparent and has an extremely mellow, mild and sweet flavour. Thanks to these properties, it is an ideal healthy sweetener for tea. We also sell acacia honey in a practical, handy dispenser: this makes mess-free dosing like child’s play!


It is also ideal for baking and as an alternative to fine granulated sugar

Due to its runny consistency and its mild and neutral sweetness, acacia honey is perfectly suited to cooking and baking or for  improving desserts. Or why don’t you create a tangy, sweet honey and mustard dressing for your salads – your palate will be tickled pink!


The sweetness of acacia honey also enriches various types of tea

Sweetening with acacia honey adds that certain something to the most varied of teas and is healthy on top of that. A wide selection of organic teas which go extremely well with Ticino acacia honey is available in our shop. For instance, try the Swiss Alpine Herbs herbal tea “winter breeze”. The blend of lemon thyme and ginger perfectly complements the honey, providing welcome, beneficial warmth in winter.

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