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  1. Nectaflor Honey from Nordwestern Switzerland 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 003030
    SSwiss honey from regional apiaries in N... Learn More
  2. Nectaflor Honey from the city of Biel 250g
    CHF 13.90
    Art. No.: 006230
    This unique Biel city honey reflects the... Learn More
  3. Nectaflor Honey from Western Switzerland 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 002030
    Swiss blossom honey from Western Switzer... Learn More
  4. Nectaflor Organic Honey of Ticino liquid 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 008130
    A dark-brown regional Swiss organic hone... Learn More
  5. Nectaflor Organic Swiss Honey liquid 250g
    CHF 13.30
    Art. No.: 008030
  6. Nectaflor Organic Swiss Honey set 250g
    CHF 13.30
    Art. No.: 009030
  7. Nectaflor Swiss Honey Arc Lémanique creamy 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 006030
    Honey Arc Lémanique is a Swiss blossom h... Learn More
  8. Nectaflor Swiss Honey Jura creamy 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 004030
    Swiss Honey Jura is a set honey speciali... Learn More
  9. Nectaflor Swiss Honey Ostschweiz creamy 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 005030
    This light Swiss Honey Ostschweiz has a ... Learn More
  10. Nectaflor Swiss Honey set 250g
    CHF 11.10
    Art. No.: 001130
    Classic for lovers of Swiss honey. Aroma... Learn More
  11. Nectaflor Swiss Honey Ticino liquid 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 007030
    A dark-brown regional Swiss honey specia... Learn More
  12. Nectaflor Swiss Honey Zurich creamy 250g
    CHF 13.20
    Art. No.: 005230
    Regional set honey speciality. Swiss Hon... Learn More
    Out of stock
  13. Nectaflor Swiss Set Honey 6x20g
    CHF 7.80
    Art. No.: P1011
    Aromatic, creamy Swiss Blossom-Forest Ho... Learn More
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13 Items

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Forest honey – a special gift from nature

Unlike blossom honey, forest honey is a so-called honeydew honey. It is produced when bees mainly collect honeydew from coniferous and deciduous trees. Plant-sucking insects leave behind a sugary secretion called honeydew which the bees collect from flowers together with nectar. This process creates honey with an aromatic, tangy flavour.

Forest honey originates in the fragrant coniferous and deciduous forests. Scale insects and other insects suck tree sap. From the remains, so-called honeydew, honey is produced later on which has a more aromatic, bitter and tangier flavour than blossom honey. It goes very well with tea, black tea for example. Forest honey is one of the most valuable products given to us by nature. You will find a selection of excellent nectaflor and Alta Terra honey here. In addition, you will find exclusive gift sets in our online shop which are bound to put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient. You can also choose to purchase our sets with a selection of different types of honey.


Exquisite Emmentaler forest honey and top-quality Swiss fir honey

Honey from Swiss coniferous forests stands out for its particularly intense flavour. Try our different types of honeydew honey, for example

  • nectaflor forest honey produced from bitter honeydew from coniferous or deciduous trees
  • Alta Terra Emmentaler forest honey which is produced based on an age-old beekeeping tradition
  • Alta Terra Swiss fir honey made from honeydew collected from evergreen coniferous trees

No matter what type you choose – honey lovers always find something special at our company!


Forest honey has a healthy and well-balanced flavour

Incidentally, due to its relatively high fructose content, forest honey does not crystallise or only does so in very rare cases. Thanks to its strong flavour, forest honey gives Indian chai an especially wonderful note. What’s more, thanks to its high mineral content and anti-inflammatory enzymes, forest honey is also considered to be extremely healthy. In short: It is a fabulous addition to our beneficial herbal teas!


Discover our other honey specialities!

In our online shop, you can buy healthy forest honey which is not just 100% natural but also meets the stringent quality requirements of the Swiss Foodstuffs Act. Our close contact with producers and beekeepers ensures that the forest honey offered by us is of the highest quality. Our honey is therefore a welcome indulgence for gourmets who appreciate exquisite natural products. You are bound to find the right honey in our online shop with which you can soon start your day in a highly enjoyable manner!

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