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  1. Nectaflor Max Havelaar Bio Blossom Honey cr 500g
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  2. Nectaflor Max Havelaar Bio Blossom Honey liq 250g
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Buy the best honey, high-quality selection and enjoy 100 per cent pure nature

During the cold wintertime, thousands of bees huddle together in the hive. By vibrating their muscles, a process known as shivering, they can generate a temperature of as high as 35 degrees. This special talent enables a colony of bees and its queen to survive the cold winter in a warm and cosy environment until warmer weather arrives. In the spring, when the first warm rays of sun are felt, the hard-working insects swarm out of the hive and industriously collect nectar and honeydew for making the next batch of honey.

Before you buy honey from us, it must first be produced drop by drop by every single bee. During their short lives, worker bees spend most of their time flying from flower to flower in order to collect sweet nectar. It is slowly turned into delicious honey in the beehive. After the end of the nectar flow, the beekeeper can remove the excessive honey from the honeycomb.

Whether forest honey or blossom honey: good honey takes time

The thick honeycombs, in which the honey is sealed by the bees with wax, have a golden glow in sunlight. Forest honey gets its strong, tart flavour and dark brown colour from the honeydew found in coniferous and deciduous forests, whereas the sweetness of the blossom honey reflects the diversity of the flora in the relevant country of origin. Buy and savour nectaflor honey: spoil yourself and your family, for example with a glass of delicious orange blossom honey or as a present in the attractive gift box!

Which honey should I buy? There are so many to choose from. Why don’t you try honey from different regions of Switzerland?

Swiss honey tickles the taste buds with its delicious variety of flavours which it owes to the cultivation of mixed fruit trees in eastern Switzerland or the flowers of the Ticino chestnut trees, for example. The latter provide a fine, tart note which gives the honey its intense, dark character.

High quality, careful selection and gentle processing in Switzerland are what make our honey so special

nectaflor honey is 100 per cent natural and there is a variety to suit all tastes:

  • Fairtrade Max Havelaar honey
  • Swiss honey
  • Honey specialities from all over the world

And don’t forget who you have to thank for this delicious variety when you savour it: thousands of hard-working bees who are already waiting for the next summer when they can once again harvest the nectar. It goes without saying that it is available in top quality and thanks to nectaflor even all year round.

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