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  1. Christas Browntop millet 200g
    CHF 5.80
    Art. No.: CH011
    Millet is a gluten-free grain and can be... Learn More
  2. Christas Flaxseed 200g
    CHF 4.70
    Art. No.: CH010
    Our flaxseed originates from the Lake Bi... Learn More
  3. Christas Green lentils 300g
    CHF 6.70
    Art. No.: CH001
    Seeland lentils are highly nutritious an... Learn More
  4. Christas Green lentils with sweet potatoes 250g
    CHF 9.20
    Art. No.: CH003
    Lentils mixed with Seeland sweet potatoe... Learn More
  5. Christas Salad blend 150g
    CHF 4.10
    Art. No.: CH007
    Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, oats, mi... Learn More
  6. Christas Sunflower seeds 250g
    CHF 7.30
    Art. No.: CH009
    Our sunflower seeds, also known as power... Learn More
  7. Nectaflor Almonds blanched 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 730017CC
    A snack and a baking ingredient in one -... Learn More
  8. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, chopped 1kg
    CHF 22.70
    Art. No.: 725478N4
    Sweet, with a typical almond flavour. Bl... Learn More
  9. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, fine ground 1kg
    CHF 23.10
    Art. No.: 725378N4
    Blanched, finely ground Almonds are idea... Learn More
  10. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, ground 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 725117CC
    Crunchy and guaranteed free from bitter ... Learn More
  11. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, ground 1kg
    CHF 21.50
    Art. No.: 725178N4
    A classic, versatile baking ingredient. ... Learn More
  12. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, whole 1kg
    CHF 22.70
    Art. No.: 730078N4
    Sweet, white and soft to bite into - bla... Learn More
  13. Nectaflor Almonds ground 1kg
    CHF 17.50
    Art. No.: 725078N4
    A classic baking ingredient - ground Alm... Learn More
  14. Nectaflor Almonds ground 200g
    CHF 3.90
    Art. No.: 725024CC
    Ground Almonds – a classic, versatile ba... Learn More
  15. Nectaflor Almonds sliced 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 735017CC
    Almonds sliced thinly. A popular and ver... Learn More
  16. Nectaflor Almonds sliced 750g
    CHF 16.40
    Art. No.: 735066N4
    These mild, sweet, sliced Almonds are cu... Learn More
  17. Nectaflor Almonds slivered 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 740017CC
    Slivered Almonds – a classic baking and ... Learn More
  18. Nectaflor Almonds slivered 1kg
    CHF 22.60
    Art. No.: 740078N4
    Slivered Almonds are quite sweet and are... Learn More
  19. Nectaflor Almonds whole 1kg
    CHF 18.80
    Art. No.: 720078N4
    Crunchy and guaranteed free from bitter ... Learn More
  20. Nectaflor Almonds whole 200g
    CHF 4.90
    Art. No.: 720024CC
    Crunchy nibbles - supreme quality Almond... Learn More
  21. Nectaflor Almonds whole Valencia 1kg
    CHF 23.10
    Art. No.: 721078N4
    Delicious almonds from Spain's Mediterra... Learn More
  22. Nectaflor Cashew Nuts 1kg
    CHF 23.00
    Art. No.: 755078N4
    A particularly mild aromatic flavour and... Learn More
  23. Nectaflor Cashew Nuts 200g
    CHF 5.60
    Art. No.: 755024CC
    Popular, gentle on the stomach and versa... Learn More
  24. Nectaflor Chia Seeds 1kg
    CHF 12.20
    Art. No.: 695078N4
    An important source of protein, rich in ... Learn More
  25. Nectaflor Chia Seeds 200g
    CHF 3.80
    Art. No.: 695024N
    Chia Seeds are real power seeds: an impo... Learn More
  26. Nectaflor Coconut desiccated 150g
    CHF 1.60
    Art. No.: 745017CC
    Desiccated Coconut is an exotic cooking ... Learn More
  27. Nectaflor Coconut desiccated 750g
    CHF 5.80
    Art. No.: 745066N4
    Exotic and versatile - desiccated Coconu... Learn More
  28. Nectaflor Hazelnuts ground 1kg
    CHF 19.10
    Art. No.: 710078N4
    Freshly ground in Switzerland for optimu... Learn More
  29. Nectaflor Hazelnuts ground 200g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 710024CC
    Hazelnuts ground finely for a variety of... Learn More
  30. Nectaflor Hazelnuts roasted, chopped 750g
    CHF 22.20
    Art. No.: 570066N4
    Bring an exquisite flavour to sweet and ... Learn More
  31. Nectaflor Hazelnuts sliced 750g
    CHF 18.00
    Art. No.: 705366N4
    Hazelnuts sliced thinly. A versatile ing... Learn More
  32. Nectaflor Hazelnuts whole 1kg
    CHF 20.90
    Art. No.: 705078N4
    Wonderful nutty aromatic flavour. These ... Learn More
  33. Nectaflor Hazelnuts whole 200g
    CHF 4.60
    Art. No.: 705024CC
    Premium Hazelnuts from Italy are natural... Learn More
  34. Nectaflor Hazelnuts whole, blanched 1kg
    CHF 25.10
    Art. No.: 705478N4
    Premium Hazelnuts from Italy are natural... Learn More
  35. Nectaflor Kernel Mix 150g
    CHF 4.40
    Art. No.: 675017CC
    Gourmets love the crunchy Kernel Mix, wh... Learn More
  36. Nectaflor Kernel Mix 1kg
    CHF 22.40
    Art. No.: 675078N4
    Crunchy Kernel Mix for gourmets: select ... Learn More
  37. Nectaflor Nectaflor Cashews pieces 1kg
    CHF 14.60
    Art. No.: 755178N4
    Nectaflor cashew pieces – a completely n... Learn More
  38. Nectaflor Nut Mix 1kg
    CHF 28.30
    Art. No.: 700078N4
    Exclusive Nut Mix including carefully se... Learn More
  39. Nectaflor Nut Mix 200g
    CHF 6.40
    Art. No.: 700024CC
    Exclusive Nut Mix including carefully se... Learn More
  40. Nectaflor Peanuts chopped 1kg
    CHF 8.90
    Art. No.: 551178N4
    They taste great anyway. An added bonus ... Learn More
  41. Nectaflor Pecan Nuts 120g
    CHF 5.80
    Art. No.: 754015CC
    Pecan Nuts are a slightly sweeter, softe... Learn More
  42. Nectaflor Pecan Nuts 1kg
    CHF 43.50
    Art. No.: 754078N4
    The exquisite Pecan Nuts belong to the w... Learn More
  43. Nectaflor Pine Kernels 100g
    CHF 13.90
    Art. No.: 765012CC
    Small but perfectly formed - Pine Kernel... Learn More
  44. Nectaflor Pine Kernels 1kg
    CHF 132.20
    Art. No.: 765078N4
    Superior quality from the Mediterranean.... Learn More
  45. Nectaflor Pistachios green, chopped 25g
    CHF 3.80
    Art. No.: 772002N
    Small and perfectly formed - green, chop... Learn More
  46. Nectaflor Pistachios green, chopped 750g
    CHF 77.60
    Art. No.: 772066N4
    Spicy and almond-like in flavour. Green,... Learn More
  47. Nectaflor Pistachios green, peeled 1kg
    CHF 95.90
    Art. No.: 771078N4
    The bright green, peeled pistachio nuts ... Learn More
  48. Nectaflor Pistachios green, peeled 40g
    CHF 6.20
    Art. No.: 771004N
    An eye-catching classic decoration – gre... Learn More
  49. Nectaflor Pumpkin Seeds 1kg
    CHF 18.70
    Art. No.: 760078N4
    Pumpkin Seeds are a source of protein an... Learn More
  50. Nectaflor Pumpkin Seeds 200g
    CHF 4.30
    Art. No.: 670024CC
    Finest gourmet Pumpkin Seeds Learn More
  51. Nectaflor Siberian Pine kernels 100g
    CHF 8.70
    Art. No.: 765212CC
    Our Siberian pine nuts are small but per... Learn More
  52. Nectaflor Sunflower Seeds 1kg
    CHF 8.90
    Art. No.: 680078N4
    Rich in protein, minerals and fibre, the... Learn More
  53. Nectaflor Sunflower Seeds 200g
    CHF 2.80
    Art. No.: 680024CC
    Mild, nutty Sunflower Seeds are real pow... Learn More
  54. Nectaflor Swiss Flaxseed broken 750g
    CHF 13.00
    Art. No.: 691366N4
    High-quality broken Swiss Flaxseed is ri... Learn More
  55. Nectaflor Swiss Flaxseed broxen IPS 150g
    CHF 3.50
    Art. No.: CH2002
    Swiss superfood par excellence - rich in... Learn More
  56. Nectaflor Swiss lentils green 250g
    CHF 5.20
    Art. No.: CH2004
    IP-Suisse green lentils from the Bernese... Learn More
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  57. Nectaflor Swiss Pumpkin Seeds 180g
    CHF 4.50
    Art. No.: CH2001
    Finest crunchy Swiss pumpkin seeds Learn More
  58. Nectaflor Swiss Salad Mix with Flowers 140g
    CHF 5.50
    Art. No.: S3001
    Enchanting, aromatic gourmet Swiss Salad... Learn More
  59. Nectaflor Swiss Salad Mix with Flowers 280g
    CHF 9.00
    Art. No.: S3201
    Real eye candy! Conjure up a gourmet dis... Learn More
  60. Nectaflor Swiss Salad Mix with Herbs 140g
    CHF 5.50
    Art. No.: S3000
    Herby, aromatic and crunchy - the Swiss ... Learn More
    Out of stock

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Nuts and kernels – full of healthy nutrients


Anyone who eats a handful of nuts every day is greatly benefiting their fitness and health. Whereas “real” nuts like hazelnuts or walnuts are fruit botanically speaking and are a member of the nut family, almonds and pistachios, but also pecans and cashews are the kernels of stone fruit or accessory fruit. Pine nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds already suggest with their names that they are dried plant seeds – and that is also immediately obvious in the case of linseeds.

No matter whether you prefer to eat nuts or kernels: they all contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, but only a few saturated fatty acids. This benefits the heart and circulation and is important for a healthy cholesterol level. So it is worth always having a couple of nuts and kernels to hand! This is because they are real powerhouses with a very beneficial nutrient density. For instance, nuts contain between 40 and 60 per cent fat, up to 25 per cent protein, complex carbohydrates and dietary fibres. That is the reason why they quickly produce a pleasant feeling of satiety without having to eat a lot of them.


That is why nuts are so healthy

  • Thanks to a protein content of up to 25 per cent, nuts supply you with lots of valuable protein.
  • They support our brain’s capacity with building blocks of messengers like choline or lecithin.
  • Walnuts contain a particularly high percentage of essential omega-3 fatty acids which your body cannot produce itself.
  • Your daily required intake of vitamin E is already covered by a handful of almonds – thus protecting the body’s cells against attack by free radicals.
  • Cashew nuts are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid which is converted into serotonin in the body  – the so-called “happiness hormone” which has an antidepressant, mood-lifting, relaxing and soporific effect.


Other important information – from Raisins'n'Nuts to linseeds

Whether for baking, cooking or as a healthy snack for in between meals – nuts have long been a classic, tasty supplier of nutrients in our daily lives. This is above all the case if they are presented in such an appealing way as Raisins'n'Nuts, which here in Switzerland is also called “Tutti Frutti”. The mixture of raisins and almonds, as well as other dry fruit and unsalted cashews, Brazil nuts, peanuts, walnuts or hazelnuts, has always been known as a hangover cure in student circles, but it has now quite officially established itself as food which is good for the nerves and keeps you fit. This applies to many kernels or seeds in any case: pine nuts from the stone pine strengthen the immune and nervous systems, pumpkin seeds are known as a traditional remedy for bladder and prostate problems, and sunflower seeds have a very positive effect on the blood count due to the fact that they have the highest folate content of all known foods. What’s more, even tiny linseeds – the world’s firsts superfood cultivated as early as 6,000 years ago – contain enormous amounts of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibres and  powerful antioxidants which are important for maintaining a healthy hormonal balance in the body and ensure better digestion and healthy skin.

On this page, you will find all nuts and kernels mentioned and also the popular Raisins'n'Nuts in large packs which are especially suitable for catering businesses. Order these energisers in bulk packs and give them to your guests every single day!


How Studentenfutter (literally student food) got its name: When the popular snack was introduced in the 17th/18th century, almonds were particularly expensive and only accessible to financially well-off people – which at that time included the students who all came from “good homes”.


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