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  1. Nectaflor Almonds blanched 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 730017CC
    A snack and a baking ingredient in one -... Learn More
  2. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, chopped 1kg
    CHF 22.70
    Art. No.: 725478N4
    Sweet, with a typical almond flavour. Bl... Learn More
  3. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, fine ground 1kg
    CHF 23.10
    Art. No.: 725378N4
    Blanched, finely ground Almonds are idea... Learn More
  4. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, ground 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 725117CC
    Crunchy and guaranteed free from bitter ... Learn More
  5. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, ground 1kg
    CHF 21.50
    Art. No.: 725178N4
    A classic, versatile baking ingredient. ... Learn More
  6. Nectaflor Almonds blanched, whole 1kg
    CHF 22.70
    Art. No.: 730078N4
    Sweet, white and soft to bite into - bla... Learn More
  7. Nectaflor Almonds ground 1kg
    CHF 17.50
    Art. No.: 725078N4
    A classic baking ingredient - ground Alm... Learn More
  8. Nectaflor Almonds ground 200g
    CHF 3.90
    Art. No.: 725024CC
    Ground Almonds – a classic, versatile ba... Learn More
  9. Nectaflor Almonds sliced 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 735017CC
    Almonds sliced thinly. A popular and ver... Learn More
  10. Nectaflor Almonds sliced 750g
    CHF 16.40
    Art. No.: 735066N4
    These mild, sweet, sliced Almonds are cu... Learn More
  11. Nectaflor Almonds slivered 150g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 740017CC
    Slivered Almonds – a classic baking and ... Learn More
  12. Nectaflor Almonds slivered 1kg
    CHF 22.60
    Art. No.: 740078N4
    Slivered Almonds are quite sweet and are... Learn More
  13. Nectaflor Almonds whole 1kg
    CHF 18.80
    Art. No.: 720078N4
    Crunchy and guaranteed free from bitter ... Learn More
  14. Nectaflor Almonds whole 200g
    CHF 4.90
    Art. No.: 720024CC
    Crunchy nibbles - supreme quality Almond... Learn More
  15. Nectaflor Almonds whole Valencia 1kg
    CHF 23.10
    Art. No.: 721078N4
    Delicious almonds from Spain's Mediterra... Learn More
  16. Nectaflor Coconut desiccated 150g
    CHF 1.60
    Art. No.: 745017CC
    Desiccated Coconut is an exotic cooking ... Learn More
  17. Nectaflor Coconut desiccated 750g
    CHF 5.80
    Art. No.: 745066N4
    Exotic and versatile - desiccated Coconu... Learn More
  18. Nectaflor Hazelnuts ground 1kg
    CHF 19.10
    Art. No.: 710078N4
    Freshly ground in Switzerland for optimu... Learn More
  19. Nectaflor Hazelnuts ground 200g
    CHF 4.20
    Art. No.: 710024CC
    Hazelnuts ground finely for a variety of... Learn More
  20. Nectaflor Hazelnuts roasted, chopped 750g
    CHF 22.20
    Art. No.: 570066N4
    Bring an exquisite flavour to sweet and ... Learn More
  21. Nectaflor Hazelnuts sliced 750g
    CHF 18.00
    Art. No.: 705366N4
    Hazelnuts sliced thinly. A versatile ing... Learn More
  22. Nectaflor Hazelnuts whole 1kg
    CHF 20.90
    Art. No.: 705078N4
    Wonderful nutty aromatic flavour. These ... Learn More
  23. Nectaflor Hazelnuts whole 200g
    CHF 4.60
    Art. No.: 705024CC
    Premium Hazelnuts from Italy are natural... Learn More
  24. Nectaflor Hazelnuts whole, blanched 1kg
    CHF 25.10
    Art. No.: 705478N4
    Premium Hazelnuts from Italy are natural... Learn More
  25. Nectaflor Kernel Mix 150g
    CHF 4.40
    Art. No.: 675017CC
    Gourmets love the crunchy Kernel Mix, wh... Learn More
  26. Nectaflor Kernel Mix 1kg
    CHF 22.40
    Art. No.: 675078N4
    Crunchy Kernel Mix for gourmets: select ... Learn More
  27. Nectaflor Nut Mix 1kg
    CHF 28.30
    Art. No.: 700078N4
    Exclusive Nut Mix including carefully se... Learn More
  28. Nectaflor Nut Mix 200g
    CHF 6.40
    Art. No.: 700024CC
    Exclusive Nut Mix including carefully se... Learn More
  29. Nectaflor Peanuts chopped 1kg
    CHF 8.90
    Art. No.: 551178N4
    They taste great anyway. An added bonus ... Learn More
  30. Nectaflor Pecan Nuts 120g
    CHF 5.80
    Art. No.: 754015CC
    Pecan Nuts are a slightly sweeter, softe... Learn More
  31. Nectaflor Pecan Nuts 1kg
    CHF 43.50
    Art. No.: 754078N4
    The exquisite Pecan Nuts belong to the w... Learn More
  32. Nectaflor Walnut Kernels 100g
    CHF 4.30
    Art. No.: 750012CC
    These walnuts are painstakingly cracked ... Learn More
  33. Nectaflor Walnut Kernels 750g
    CHF 23.70
    Art. No.: 750066N4
    Enjoy premium quality Walnut Kernels: pa... Learn More
  34. Nectaflor Walnut Kernels broken 750g
    CHF 14.50
    Art. No.: 751066N4
    Provide an exquisite touch in sweet and ... Learn More
  35. Nectaflor Walnut Kernels ground 150g
    CHF 4.30
    Art. No.: 752017CC
    Cakes and pastries are pure poetry with ... Learn More
  36. Nectaflor Walnuts ground 750g
    CHF 19.20
    Art. No.: 752066N4
    Ground Walnut Kernels have a characteris... Learn More

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HAZELNUTS - Why hazelnuts have many talents


Every child knows them, and they are very popular with everyone: As finds show, hazelnuts were already a sought-after food in the Stone Age. This comes as no surprise, because unlike Brazil nuts, pecans or Macadamia nuts, hazelnuts have been harvested in Central Europe since time immemorial. However, the fact that they are so familiar to everyone is no reason to push hazelnuts aside as ordinary and uninteresting. On the contrary: There is a lot to be reported about the active ingredients of the tasty sources of energy, and we can only provide a fraction of it here.

The hazelnut is in the birch family and has been native to this country for thousands of years. However, more than 60 per cent of the world’s annual yield is now harvested in Turkey. Many hazelnuts are already processed there – and, of course, also in other countries of origin – in a variety of ways. After roasting, the seeds are chopped into small pieces or crushed into flour and then, like the pressed hazelnut oil, serve as a basic material for many sweets, for example nougat and brittle or ice cream. Other hazelnuts have a woody shell and, when we have cracked them open, develop their delicious flavour and great effect.


A handful of hazelnuts contains so much goodness

Hazelnuts contain around 60 per cent of fatty oil, and as little as 100 grams supply around 2,700 kJ of energy. For this reason, only a few kernels are sufficient to create a feeling of satiety and to supply the body with valuable nutrients. Here are just a few of the main effects:

  • the healthy omega-6 fats contained in hazelnuts lower cholesterol levels and protect the heart.
  • The kernels contain a lot of lecithin which is good for the nerves, improves memory and aids concentration.
  • Vitamin E, which is also abundant, prevents free radicals and protects the body’s cells.
  • The dietary fibre content has a positive effect on our digestion.


Another strength of hazelnuts is their versatility

Hazelnuts are therefore always recommended as a snack, as long as we do not eat vast quantities of them. They are also found in many other foods, such as pastries or spreads. And just in case you don’t already know them, you should definitely also try the following ways of using them:

  • Chopped hazelnuts provide a great contrast in salads
  • Ground hazelnuts as an ingredient in pesto or another tangy sauce
  • Hazelnut butter as an alternative to other sweet spreads which often have a high sugar content.

There are hardly any limits to your imagination – enjoy the diverse talents of hazelnuts!

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