Swiss Alpine Herbs tea and spices from organic herbs, flowers and blossoms

Let us convince you of the large selection of organic herbal teas, herbs, spice blends and the intense taste of other Swiss Alpine Herbs products from the Bernese Oberland.

On sunny mountain slopes in the wonderful nature of the Bernese Oberland, the fragrant herbs for the products of the Swiss Alpin Herbs brand thrive. The herbs are gently cultivated organically by mountain farmers in harmony with nature. Direct contact with the mountain farmers is a value that distinguishes Swiss Alpin Herbs AG, in Därstetten in the Simmental. Many good ideas have been developed in dialogue with the producers. Swiss Alpine Herbs uses what nature provides.
Out of considerations of sustainability and respect for nature, the herb farmers refrain from using herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and artificial fertilizers and practice extensive organic farming in accordance with the strict requirements of Bio Suisse.

Since 1991, Schweizer Alpenkräuter AG has been dedicatedly processing a wide variety of alpine herbs, flowers and aromatic herbs into fantastic products such as spices, herbal tea, vegetable stock or syrup, all in the best organic quality. The team in Därstetten is characterized by a high level of motivation, innovative drive and regional roots to the Bernese Oberland. Every day they work on their products with conviction and passion. You can taste the passion.

Swiss Alpine Herbs chose the alpine region as a production site because the soil in this region has never allowed intensive farming. For this reason, this region is predestined for the cultivation of organic products.
The organic herbal tea of Swiss Alpine Herbs is available in different variations from nettle tea to fennel tea, buckthorn mallow but also the classic peppermint tea. The summer tea can also be enjoyed as an ice tea. A calming effect has the evening tea or the innovative hemp tea with golden balm. With this harmonious tea herb combination with CBD hemp meets the spirit of the times for young and old.




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