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Product no.: 735017CC_BKAR5
Almonds sliced thinly. A popular and versatile ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes.
CHF 20.50 / box(es) *
Product no.: 705148N_BKAR6
Ready-made Hazelnut Paste - tastes home-made. You can make finest Nussgipfel pastries in a flash. It makes baking fun.
CHF 50.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 710024CC_BKAR5
Hazelnuts ground finely for a variety of baking recipes.
CHF 20.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 725024CC_BKAR5
Ground Almonds – a classic, versatile baking ingredient with a sweet, delicate flavour.
CHF 20.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 730017CC_BKAR6
A snack and a baking ingredient in one - blanched Almonds from California are sweet, white and soft to bite into.
CHF 24.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: 740017CC_BKAR5
Slivered Almonds – a classic baking and cooking ingredient.
CHF 20.50 / box(es) *
Product no.: 481030_BKAR6
Organic Swiss Pear Syrup is a sweetener that's 100 % natural and fruity. Vegan.
CHF 32.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 745017CC_BKAR5
Desiccated Coconut is an exotic cooking and baking ingredient with a variety of uses
CHF 7.50 / box(es) *
Product no.: 481230_BKAR6
Vegan and trendy: Organic Agave Syrup is a sweetener that's 100 % natural.
CHF 26.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 481430_BKAR6

Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup: the new superstar of modern, healthy cuisine, with high sweetness and caramel undertones.

CHF 31.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 481330_BKAR6

Bang on trend, 100 % natural and vegan. Organic Maple Syrup is ideal as a sweetener.

CHF 40.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 771004N_BKAR12
An eye-catching classic decoration – green, peeled Pistachios are an excellent complement to desserts, pastries and confectionery of all kinds.
CHF 75.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: 790145N_BKAR6
Finest Swiss Pear Pastry filling with typical spicy aroma. Tastes just like Grandma made it.
CHF 35.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 772002N_BKAR12
Small and perfectly formed - green, chopped Pistachios enhance pastries, confectionery and desserts of all kinds
CHF 44.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 725117CC_BKAR6
Blanched, ground Almonds – a classic, versatile baking ingredient made from blanched almonds.
CHF 24.60 / box(es) *
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