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Product no.: P0512

The fruity, slightly sweet vegan spread by nectaflor: Cranberries and apples form the perfect harmony of flavours, as well as looking appetising.

CHF 25.00 *
Product no.: P0513

The rich-tasting, versatile vegan spread from nectaflor: for instance on bread, in sauces or as a dip with crudités.ng.

CHF 25.00 *
Product no.: P0514

A fruity, slightly spicy vegan spread from nectaflor: with 34% apricots and 30% bell pepper, this is  a real hit in every sense!

CHF 25.00 *
Product no.: P0013_BKAR10
Fruity, sun-ripened pineapple cut into thin slices. 100 % natural and ready to eat. Pineapple Carpaccio is convenience itself.
CHF 212.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: P0008_BKAR4
Apple Slices are fruity and aromatic, scoring points with their lovely colour and firm flesh. No added sugar, ready to eat.
CHF 130.35 / box(es) *
Product no.: P0010_BKAR4
Aromatic Peach Dices with no added sugar, diced for convenience, ready to eat.
CHF 126.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: P0012_BKAR8
Convenience product. Aromatic Mango Dices 100 % natural and diced ready to eat.
CHF 155.30 / box(es) *
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