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Product no.: 004030_BKAR6
Swiss Honey Jura is a set honey speciality with a balanced, mild flavour.
CHF 70.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 005030_BKAR6
This light Swiss Honey Ostschweiz has a balanced, mild flavour that reflects the diverse mixed fruit culture of the region.
CHF 70.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 006030_BKAR6
Honey Arc Lémanique is a Swiss blossom honey with a balanced flavour from the region around Lake Geneva.
CHF 70.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 007030_BKAR6
A dark-brown regional Swiss honey speciality. Appreciate the luxury of Swiss Honey Ticino liquid, which delivers a distinctive aromatic kick.
CHF 70.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 115060X_BKAR6
Sweet and floral with a full-bodied flavour. Golden-brown Wild Flower Honey is the perfect everyday companion.
CHF 41.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 115078_BKAR6
Golden-brown in colour with a sweet-floral and full-bodied flavour. Wild Flower Honey tastes simply delicious.
Original price CHF 63.00
CHF 77.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 120060X_BKAR6
Golden yellow with a mild, fresh flavour. The soft set Mountain Blossom Honey is a wonderful complement to your breakfast buffet.
CHF 49.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 140060X_BKAR6
Fine honey with a soft set texture and mild delicate flavour. Everyone loves this wonderful Summer Flower Honey.
CHF 45.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: 150060X_BKAR6
Soft set, tasty, floral and full-bodied. Country Flower Honey is the ideal day-to-day companion.
CHF 41.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 160030X_BKAR6
Aromatic, dark, liquid Organic Blossom Honey from natural regions in Mexico, Brazil and Cuba.
CHF 25.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 164030X_BKAR6
Aromatic and tasty, the Organic Set Blossom Honey comes from natural regions in Latin America.
CHF 25.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 245060X_BKAR6
Delicious honey with an intense spicy aroma that delivers a kick. Forest Honey comes from the prized honeydew of deciduous or evergreen trees.
CHF 52.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 290060X_BKAR6
With its sweet, mild flavour this light Acacia Honey from Eastern Europe is ideal as a sweetener.
CHF 57.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: 295830X_BKAR6
Finest Acacia Honey from Eastern Europe with a sweet and mild flavour. Ideal as a sweetener.
CHF 32.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 471060_BKAR6
Golden-brown, sweet and floral. Liquid Max Havelaar Blossom Honey comes from Fairtrade-certified beekeepers.
CHF 46.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 005230_BKAR6
Regional set honey speciality. Swiss Honey Zurich impresses with its well-rounded, balanced flavour.
CHF 70.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 001060X_BKAR6
One of the classic Swiss honeys. Superior quality Swiss Honey in a traditional jar, aromatic and nothing short of delicious.
CHF 103.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 115830X_BKAR6
Delicious Wild Flower Honey, golden-brown in colour with a sweet, floral flavour. A must for every kitchen.
CHF 24.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: P1004_BKAR10

Aromatic, creamy Swiss Blossom-Forest Honey of unmistakeable quality. Available in practical portions.

CHF 77.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: P1005_BKAR10

Sweet and floral in flavour, organic Fairtrade production. This Max Havelaar Organic Set Blossom Honey comes from a Fairtrade cooperative with organic certification in Mexico

CHF 43.00 / box(es) *
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1 - 20 of 22 results