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Product no.: 626024CC_BKAR5
A healthy, classic power snack. These Raisins'n'Nuts are full of energy and beneficial minerals and fibre.
CHF 16.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 627024CC_BKAR8
nectaflor Tutti-Extra in the popular conical bag is the Swiss classic amongst dried fruit and nut mixes.
CHF 28.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 670024CC_BKAR6
Finest gourmet Pumpkin Seeds
CHF 19.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 675017CC_BKAR6
Gourmets love the crunchy Kernel Mix, which contains select pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, as well as almond sticks.
CHF 17.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 680024CC_BKAR6
Mild, nutty Sunflower Seeds are real power seeds: rich in protein, minerals and fibre.
CHF 13.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 595016ZB_BKAR6

Sweet and salty fitness mix, packed full of nutritious proteins. Power-packed snack bursting with energy and full of fibre for active people.

CHF 18.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 700024CC_BKAR6
Exclusive Nut Mix including carefully selected almonds, cashews, pecans and hazelnuts: natural and healthy.
CHF 34.20 / box(es) *

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Product no.: 598017ZB_BKAR6

Tempting nutty and fruity snack with delicious power-packed berries. A sweet-and-sour super mix that is a delicious treat and an important source of fibre.

CHF 23.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 562015S_BKAR10
Curry Cashews are a mildly spicy snack for parties and aperitifs. Nibbles with a hint of India and the Orient.
CHF 44.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 705024CC_BKAR5
Premium Hazelnuts from Italy are natural sources of strength and energy. Raw or roasted – they're simply irresistible.
CHF 21.50 / box(es) *
Product no.: 720024CC_BKAR5
Crunchy nibbles - supreme quality Almonds from California are guaranteed free from bitter almonds.
CHF 22.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 627017S_BKAR10
These Raisins'n'Nuts are a classic healthy power snack full of energy and beneficial minerals and fibre.
CHF 34.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 750012CC_BKAR5
These walnuts are painstakingly cracked open by hand, resulting in beautiful halves with a distinctive nutty flavour.
CHF 19.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 755024CC_BKAR6
Popular, gentle on the stomach and versatile - Cashew Nuts stand out for their nutritional content and mildly aromatic flavour.
CHF 29.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 754017S_BKAR8
Pecan Nuts are a slightly sweeter, softer and more aromatic variant of walnuts.
CHF 45.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: 765012CC_BKAR5
Small but perfectly formed - Pine Kernels remind us of the Mediterranean. And these exquisite seeds hail from there as well.
CHF 38.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 695024N_BKAR10
Chia Seeds are real power seeds: an important source of protein, rich in fibre and Omega 3 fatty acids.
CHF 35.00 / box(es) *
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