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Soft Apricots 4x500g

Product no.: 606060SF_BKAR4
Characteristic apricot flavour, particularly easy to chew - Soft Apricots are ideal for snacking, baking and cooking.
CHF 39.60 / box(es) *

Soft Apricots 6x200g

Product no.: 606124SF_BKAR6
Juicy fruit taste with characteristic apricot flavour. Soft Apricots - ideal for snacking, cooking and baking.
CHF 34.20 / box(es) *

Soft Prunes 6x200g

Product no.: 631124SF_BKAR6
Fruity, juicy and extra easy to chew, Soft Prunes are a healthy snack and fruity cooking/baking ingredient in one.
CHF 25.80 / box(es) *

Soft Cranberries 6x125g

Product no.: 651125SF_BKAR6
Red Soft Cranberries are a real superfood with high health benefits. Tart and tangy, they are easy to chew.
CHF 27.60 / box(es) *

Soft Figs 6x200g

Product no.: 656124SF_BKAR6
A real fruity treat - the full-bodied, super aromatic Soft Figs are sun-ripened and outstandingly easy to chew.
CHF 27.60 / box(es) *

Soft Figs 4x500g

Product no.: 656060SF_BKAR4
A power snack that packs a punch, as well as being a delicious treat. Fruity Soft Figs are sun-ripened, juicy and easy to chew.
CHF 36.80 / box(es) *

Soft Chestnuts 6x100g

Product no.: 694012CC_BKAR6
Finest Soft Chestnuts, individually selected and extra soft to chew, this fruit is a low-fat, high-fibre snack.
CHF 25.80 / box(es) *

Soft Figs 10x80g

Product no.: 656111SF_BKAR10
Sun-ripened, super aromatic and particularly easy to chew - Soft Figs in a mini pack.
CHF 23.00 *

Soft Golden Berries 10x80g

Product no.: 652111SF_BKAR10
Fruity, exotic and low in fat, Soft Golden Berries are packed with power, extra easy to chew and tangy in flavour.
CHF 32.00 *

Soft Chestnuts 6x500g

Product no.: 694060SF_BKAR6
Aromatic, easy to chew and individually selected: Soft Chestnuts are a popular low-fat, high-fibre snack.
CHF 61.80 / box(es) *

Soft Dates 4x500g

Product no.: 657060SF_BKAR4

These stoned Soft Dates are particularly soft and juicy. An optimum sweet and aromatic source of energy.

CHF 37.60 / box(es) *

Soft Prunes 4x500g

Product no.: 631060SF_BKAR4
Juicy, aromatic and fruity. Soft Prunes - the extra soft, healthy snack for every day.
CHF 30.80 *
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