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Product no.: 540078N4_BKAR4
A truly Caribbean feeling – the South Pacific mix of coconut, banana, mango, pineapple, papaya and sultanas tempts you with a touch of the exotic.
CHF 59.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 606378N4_BKAR4
A healthy and versatile cooking and baking ingredient. The naturally sweet Apricot Dices are full of energy and aroma.
CHF 54.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 640078N4_BKAR4
Naturally sweet and full of energy: Natural Raisins are healthy and are not treated with sulphur.
CHF 32.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 605078N4_BKAR4
These apricot halves from South Africa taste pleasantly tart and have an intense aroma.
CHF 97.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 606078N4_BKAR4
The fruity apricot flavour adds the final touch to savoury and sweet dishes. Dried apricots are a natural source of energy and more.
CHF 60.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 615260N4_BKAR4
These Apple Dices made from steamed apple are an extra soft, aromatic and versatile ingredient for cooking and baking.
CHF 46.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 615060N4_BKAR4
Steamed apples are healthy and versatile. These dried Apple Pieces are extra soft and aromatic.
CHF 49.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 791078N4_BKAR4
Finest aromatic Pear Halves "Choice large" with a full-bodied fruity flavour. Ideal for a variety of dishes.
CHF 70.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 626078N4_BKAR4
Nutty and fruity, healthy and full of energy. The classic Raisins'n'Nuts mixture of dried fruit and nuts is always a good choice wherever you are.
CHF 63.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 620078N4_BKAR4
With its full-bodied flavour, this Fruit Mix is a tasty assortment of hand-sorted apples, plums, apricots and pears.
CHF 65.20 / box(es) *
Product no.: 631078N4_BKAR4
Aromatic, fruity and versatile - nectaflor Premium Prunes are tasty and healthy.
CHF 47.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: 635078N4_BKAR4
Premium quality Sultanas. The naturally sweet fruit of the seedless sultana grape are not treated with sulphur and are air-dried.
CHF 28.00 / box(es) *
Product no.: 606378N4
A healthy and versatile cooking and baking ingredient. The naturally sweet Apricot Dices are full of energy and aroma.
CHF 13.70 *
Product no.: 600378N4_BKAR4
Exotic, aromatic and sweet, with a subtle acidic note - the golden-yellow, pleasantly soft Pineapple Dices are ideal as a snack or baking ingredient.
CHF 46.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 645078N4_BKAR4
Golden-yellow in colour, sweet and fruity in flavour - Golden Raisins are a kitchen essential.
CHF 32.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 651078N4_BKAR4
These lovely red Cranberries deliver a slightly acidic kick and are a true superfood with huge health benefits.
CHF 76.80 / box(es) *
Product no.: 792060N4_BKAR4

Exotic, fruity and full-bodied, ideal for snacking – Mango slices are a tasty source of energy for leisure, work and sports!

CHF 57.40 / box(es) *
Product no.: 656078N4_BKAR4
The sun-ripened nectaflor Figs have a full-bodied fruity flavour and juicy flesh.
CHF 53.60 / box(es) *
Product no.: 656278N4

A healthy and versatile cooking and baking ingredient. The naturally sweet fig dices are full of energy an aroma. 

CHF 8.60 *
Product no.: 657078N4_BKAR4
Stoned Dates are a sweet, full-bodied source of energy, adding that certain something to a variety of dishes.
CHF 51.20 / box(es) *
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1 - 20 of 23 results