Natural products – innovative and always a treat!


Since 1958 we supply top-quality natural products such as honey, dried fruit and nuts. Nectaflor – delightful natural products served in handy and convenient packaging;  a combination of naturalness, health and enjoyment. We are the specialist for all-natural untreated honey and offer a great selection of top-quality varieties.

Honey is a healthy, high-value and pure natural product. Our products are healthy and can be used for cooking, snacking, while doing sport, at the school, for breakfast, for baking…

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Our philosophy is characterised by a consistent focus on quality and a love of nature

Around 80 farmer families from the Bernese Oberland, the Oberemmental and the Schwarzenburgerland supply us with 35 different aromatic Alpine herbs and blossoms of extensive organic agriculture. From these excellent rawmaterials we create our delicious herbal blends, seasoning herbs, teas and syrups.

Not only is the high quality of our products but also a sustainable, eco-friendly and 100% natural cultivation our focus.  We pass on valuable know-how in herb cultivation to the mountain farmers. They grow small, aromatic herbal plots in the mountains as part of a close, long term partnership with us.Through the cultivation of herbs in the Swiss pre-Alpine and Alpine regions, we have enabled these farmers to earn a vital supplementary income while making an important contribution to ecologically worthwhile conservation of the landscape.

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Based on old recipes, our products are traditionally crafted by small family enterprises in Switzerland. It is the handling of the raw material and the careful production process which makes the difference in taste. Small production lots carefully hand crafted in combination with premium Swiss raw material and special recipes are the secrets of these delights!


Let yourself be drawn into the world of senses…

Pure Alpine salts blended harmonically with organic Swiss Alpine herbs, choice herbal salts in a grinder, Alpine herbal teas, fruit teas, fruit preserves, Swiss honey, seasoned petals, vinegar, special oils, mustards, risotto of the Ticino, pasta manufactured of pure spelt and many other delights await you at Alta Terra…

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