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QUIX Peanuts roasted, salted 50g

Product no.: 551005N
Roasted, salted Quix Peanuts - the classic nut snack in convenient portions for snacking at home or on the move.
CHF 0.80 *

QUIX Mixed Nuts roasted, salted 50g

Product no.: 510005N
The luxury QUIX Mixed Nuts includes lightly salted, roasted almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and peanuts to make a tasty aperitif.
CHF 1.40 *

QUIX Pic Nic 50g

Product no.: 626005N
Quix Pic Nic – healthy dried fruit and nuts in a convenient pack. Ideal to fill a corner between meals and a natural snack for when you're on the move.
CHF 1.20 *

New Quix Curry Cashews 40g

Product no.: 562004N

Curry Cashews are a mildly spicy snack. Nibbles with a hint of India and the Orient.

CHF 1.60 *

New QUIX Power Nut unsalted 50g

Product no.: 700005N

Delicious nut snack made from almonds, cashews, pecan and hazelnuts: unsalted, raw and conveniently portioned.

CHF 1.60 *

Snack Mix Crispy & Fruity 60g

Product no.: 597006ZB

Unexpectedly crispy dried-fruit snack made from pineapple, apple, golden berries and strawberries. 100% natural, highly aromatic, surprisingly crispy.

CHF 4.60 *

Snack Mix Sweet & Salty 150g

Product no.: 598017ZB

Tempting nutty and fruity snack with delicious power-packed berries. A sweet-and-sour super mix that is a delicious treat and an important source of fibre.

CHF 4.60 *

Snack Mix Sweet & Salty 130g

Product no.: 595016ZB

Sweet and salty fitness mix, packed full of nutritious proteins. Power-packed snack bursting with energy and full of fibre for active people.

CHF 3.50 *

FRUIT & MORE Berries & Cherries 35g

Product no.: FM0005

Sweet-sour berry-nut mix packed full of power, made from goji, golden berry, cranberries, sour cherries and cashew nuts.

CHF 1.70 *

FRUIT & MORE Crispy Pineapple Mix 15g

Product no.: FM0001
A revolutionary crispy fruit snack made from pineapple, golden berry and banana. 100% natural, light as air, and highly aromatic.
CHF 1.70 *

FRUIT & MORE Crispy Strawberry Mix 15g

Product no.: FM0002
Surprisingly crispy fruit snack made from strawberries, apples and pineapple. 100% natural, highly aromatic, and light as air.
CHF 1.70 *

FRUIT & MORE Delight 35g

Product no.: FM0004
A tempting snack made from dates, roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, persimmon and green sultanas from Iran.
CHF 1.70 *

FRUIT & MORE Exotic 35g

Product no.: FM0006
A true South Pacific feeling. Tropical nut mix made from pineapple, mango, coconut, cashews and almonds.
CHF 1.70 *

FRUIT & MORE Raisin'n'Nuts 40g

Product no.: FM0007
Classic fruit and nut mix - a great power snack for between meals and on the move.
CHF 1.20 *

Cashew Nuts 1kg

Product no.: 755078N4
A particularly mild aromatic flavour and very versatile. Natural Cashew Nuts are a wonderful asset in creative recipes.
CHF 22.90 *

FRUIT & MORE Sweet & Salty 35g

Product no.: FM0003
Fitness mix made from salty and sweet components with an extra portion of protein and edamame soya beans, which are very popular in Japan.
CHF 1.70 *

Curry Cashews 120g

Product no.: 562015S
Curry Cashews are a mildly spicy snack for parties and aperitifs. Nibbles with a hint of India and the Orient.
CHF 5.20 *

Peanuts roasted, salted 1kg

Product no.: 551078N4
Top-quality Peanuts lightly roasted and salted - this classic amongst salted nut snacks belongs on every aperitif buffet.
CHF 7.30 *

Pistachios roasted, salted 200g

Product no.: 770124S
The roasted, lightly salted Pistachios are delicious. It's no wonder this snack gets gobbled up so fast.
CHF 7.00 *

Pistachios roasted, salted 1kg

Product no.: 770078N4
Roasted, salted Pistachios are a tasty and popular aperitif.
CHF 26.60 *

Curry Cashews 1kg

Product no.: 562078N4
Mild, spicy aperitif with a hint of India and the Orient. Curry Cashews are also ideal for seasoning a variety of Asian dishes.
CHF 30.60 *

Mixed Nuts roasted, salted 1kg

Product no.: 510078N4
Tasty aperitif that packs some power - luxury Mixed Nuts including lightly salted almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and peanuts.
CHF 19.00 *

Almonds smoked 1kg

Product no.: 541078N4
Luxury nibbles with an exquisite hint of smoke - smoked Almonds are full of power and energy.
CHF 28.10 *
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