Quality is all about trust and control.


Trust in the goodness and full flavour of pure natural products. Control is essential during the selection of raw materials and throughout the entire production chain. For this reason, we have been maintaining a personal contact for many years with our producers, and also are equipped with an in-house laboratory. We guarantee our trade partners and end consumers a rigorous, constant monitoring to meet the high standards of and comply with the Swiss food law at all times.





The quality of the raw materials directly affects that of the finished product.


For more than 2 generations, we have had excellent personal relationships with our producers all over the world, in the countries of origin of honey, dried fruit, grains and nuts.

We have built up close working relationships with them which today allow us to guarantee a year-long supply of first-rate products that meet our stringent quality requirements. We visit our partners regularly to carry out ad-hoc checks on their plantations. Our producers have all our specifications and are aware that we make no concessions on quality.

Constant monitoring of all stages in the production process in accordance with HACCP standards means that our business partners and customers are guaranteed irreproachable products that conform to the requirements of food legislation.




Our laboratory


Our in-house laboratory is fitted with the latest equipment and is one of the key elements in our quality management.

Staffed by 3 technicians, it has two main objectives:

  • 1. to ensure that raw materials and finished product correspond to our specifications, in particular with regard to their nutritional value and their microbiological quality.
  • 2. to ensure that the product maintains all its natural characteristics at the end of each stage in the manufacturing process.