For you, our estimated customer, to be transparently assured of the quality of our products, we are regularly audited by different certification authorities.

FSSC 22000

La certification FSSC 22000 couvre tous les processus de la chaîne alimentaire qui ont une incidence sur la sécurité du produit final. Elle spécifie les exigences pour un système alimentaire global de gestion de sécurité ainsi que l'intégration des éléments de GMP / BPF, d'analyse des risques et de maîtrise des points critiques (HACCP).

FSSC 22000

Bio Suisse, Bio.inspecta

Since March 2005 we are committed to organic farming as well as ethical and social issues on a daily basis. bio.inspecta guarantees a sound working atmosphere


bio.inspecta und q.inspecta unterstützen Landwirtschaftsbetriebe und Unternehmen der Lebensmittelbranche wie die Swiss Alpine Herbs AG  in der nachhaltigen Entwicklung und der Stärkung Ihrer Marktposition.


The Best from local producers

This quality label is a genuine mark of distinction for regional specialities. The quality label is only awarded to specialities that meet very strict requirements. These specialities are produced by innovative means that combine ultra-modern production methods with the respect for a tradition handed down over generations. The result is a mix of old recipes and recent rediscoveries that are a joy for the eyes, the heart and the palate.

since March 2005 this label guarantees consumers a product that is a genuine speciality of authentic quality.


Fair Trade

Fairtrade is the world’s biggest social certification system. Fairtrade as an alternative approach to conventional trade offers producers/farmers of developing countries the opportunity to improve their lives and working conditions sustainably.



We can supply products with Kosher certification. “Kosher label” certification guarantees the traceability of a product by the effective presence of a controller who monitors the entire production process.

“Kosher label” is an independent and impartial body. Its certification criteria are drawn up by a competent Rabbinic authority.

It is strictly forbidden to consume any product or derivative that may have been subjected even to a minimal mixture of milk with meat.






Certificates Overview


FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000

Bio Inspecta

Bio Suisse Knospe Urkunden (all in German)


Mountain- and Alps-Certification

From the Region. For the Region



Orthodox Union Letter of Certification Honig