Production of honey

Our honey comes from the world’s best producers. It is supplied to us in accordance with specifications supplied by Narimpex as well as Swiss food legislation.


We only work with producers who guarantee a supply of superior-quality raw material. Once the honey arrives in Switzerland, it is analysed in our own laboratories. The classification of honey and recipes depends on the different aromas and colours of each type of honey and the chemical and physical results obtained by analysis.


After the honey has ripened, it is packaged in a jar or squeeze bottle. Then it is stored until maturation. It goes without saying that the entire process is constantly monitored.

After two months, we carry out additional quality checks in accordance with our quality management system. We taste the honey and take samples in order to guarantee its traceability.


Production of dried fruit, nuts and grains

We buy dried fruit, grains and nuts from all over the world, from the best growing regions and in accordance with specifications drawn up by Narimpex and the Swiss food legislation. Only the very best raw materials are chosen and harvested once or twice each year for Narimpex. When the dried fruit arrives in Switzerland, we check the quantities delivered and analyse the quality of the raw material supplied in our own laboratory.

We then produce dried-fruit mixtures depending on the appearance, colour, size as well as the chemical and physical results obtained.

When producing dried fruit, we pay particular attention to the exchange of atmosphere in order to guarantee optimum freshness of the product.

The exchange of atmosphere consists of injecting a gas – nitrogen – into the sachet of a product. This guarantees irreproachable quality even for long after the purchase date and prevents the products from turning bad.

In order to guarantee the excellence of the finished product, freshly packaged dried fruits are checked a second time in our laboratory. We take various samples in order to guarantee the traceability of the products.


Production of alpine herbs

In order to retain as much as possible of the herbal aromas, we process the fresh herbs within 24 hours of harvest. Here, the close proximity to our agricultural partners is a vital factor for success.

Using an especially gentle vacuum-drying process while constantly monitoring quality, the herbs are carefully dried in just a few hours. All the important quality characteristics of the herbs, such as colour and intensity of aroma, are largely retained.

The dried herbs are ready for instant use, that is to say when they come into contact with water again, they unfold their full aroma and can be used in the same way as fresh herbs.

Gentle vacuum-drying process