Cashew Nuts 200g

Cashew Nuts 200g

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The kidney-shaped cashew nut is encased in an extremely hard shell. Because of this, the raw nuts are sun-dried and then roasted for a few minutes after harvesting. Once this complex process is completed, the hard shells are cracked open by hand and the nuts are released from their hard casing. Even though they are considered to be nuts, botanically speaking cashews are actually drupaceous fruits. nectaflor Cashew Nuts are mildly aromatic, slightly sweet and a little creamy in flavour. The subtle taste makes this nut a popular component of sweet and salty snacks, as well as an ingredient for a wide selection of dishes in the South-East Asian and Indian culinary traditions, as well as vegan and vegetarian cuisine in the west. This healthy source of nutrients contains less fat than other nuts, and they are also packed with minerals such as magnesium, as well as Vitamin B, which has a positive effect on concentration and performance.

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