Organic Basil 8g

Organic Basil 8g

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Basil (Ocimum basilicum), also known as great basil or Saint-Joseph’s-wort, is a species of plant in the Labiate family. The wonderfully fragrant, sun-bathed aromatic plant is now a firm fixture in our herb gardens. Fresh or dried basil leaves are especially common in Italian and French cuisine and lend the dishes a unique basil note with a fresh, peppery and aromatic flavour. Dried basil is not as intensely aromatic as the fresh variety. Swiss Alpine Herbs Organic Basil is grown by mountain farmers in the Swiss Alps and the pre-alpine region and tended by hand. To retain as much flavour as possible, the tender basil leaves are not harvested until just before the plant blossoms. It is at this point that they contain the highest concentration of essential oils and are at their most aromatic.

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