Organic Syrup Elderflower 50cl

Organic Syrup Elderflower 50cl

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Swiss Alpine Herbs Organic Syrup Elderflower is made from fresh, hand-picked elderflowers from the black elder bush. The blossoms are processed with care within a few hours of harvest to produce a superior syrup extract. 100% natural product without preservatives, flavourings or colourings. A wonderful thirst-quencher with an unmistakeable, delicate aroma. It also goes well with prosecco or champagne. Did you know that many religious and mystical ideas are linked to the elder bush? For instance, in the Nordic mythology of the Germanic people, Freya, the protector of the home, is said to have chosen an elder bush to live in. The Greeks and Romans would plant an elder bush close to their houses because they believed the bushes harboured benevolent spirits.

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