Organic Herbal Tea Lemon Balm 14x1g

Organic Herbal Tea Lemon Balm 14x1g

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Lemon balm was used as a highly regarded medicinal herb as early as in ancient Greece. Its essential oils have a calming effect and alleviate digestive difficulties and insomnia. This inconspicuous herbal and medicinal plant with the botanical name Melissa officinalis beguiles the senses with its wonderful lemony fragrance. Thanks to their characteristic aroma, fresh lemon balm leaves are also popular as a cooking ingredient, a cold infusion, a syrup or as a tea. Swiss Alpine Herbs Organic Herbal Tea Lemon Balm is tasty either as a traditional hot tea or a cold refreshing drink with a slice of lemon in the summer. Pleasantly enjoyable and lemony fresh. Tip: adding fresh peppermint leaves as a finishing touch gives the tea a really fresh aroma.

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